Hibiscus Tea: The best medicine

A few years ago, we bought a lot of herbal tea from Turkey, like salvia leaves, linden tree leaves, and hibiscus blossoms. Salvia is already known for its healing effects when sick, but I got to know linden tree leaves, and especially hibiscus tea after my parents bought it. Hibiscus tea is even better than salvia tea. It works immediately, faster and more effective than any medicine. Before I drank it, my throat was burning and my nose was blocked. After I drank it, my throat felt almost normal, and my nose got almost free.

I love hibiscus tea! It already helped me so much, and it is also available here in Germany (and probably other countries as well). We got it from Turkey, maybe it was a bit cheaper there, but no matter how much it costs, I recommend you all to buy a pack of the blossoms (no teas in bags!), especially when you are so prone to sickness like I am.

The tea doesn’t even help against infected air passages, it even has a beautiful color, nice, a bit sour taste, and additionally it supplies the body with a lot of vitamine C and improves the teint.



The leaves are infused with hot water which colors the drink into a deep red color. To avoid a too sour taste it is recommended to use a little amount of the blossoms for one extraction. Another reason why the price for this tea would be worth it, since it is not advised to use a huge amount for one cup.

So you have to remember for the next time you catch a cold: Don’t trust on the doctor’s medicine, instead, buy hibiscus blossoms and drink the tea. It helps!

Thanks for reading my first tea-post ;)

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